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L-threonine is an essential amino acid. Threonine is mainly used in medicine, chemical reagent, food fortifier, feed additive and so on.
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ISO9001/14001/18001, Purity 99%

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Threonine is the second or third limiting amino acid of livestock and poultry. It plays an extremely important physiological role in animals. Such as promoting growth and improving immune function; Balance the amino acids in the diet to make the proportion of amino acids closer to the ideal protein, so as to reduce the requirements of livestock and poultry for the protein content in the feed. Lack of threonine can lead to decreased feed intake, blocked growth, decreased feed utilization, immunosuppression and other symptoms.


1. It is used to balance amino acids and promote protein synthesis and deposition. It can eliminate the weight loss caused by excessive lysine and reduce the growth inhibition caused by excessive tryptophan or methionine; After absorption into the body, it can be transformed into other amino acids, especially when the amino acids in the feed are unbalanced. 2. Threonine had a certain regulatory effect on feed intake. Feed intake and daily gain increased with the increase of threonine level; When the maximum requirement is exceeded, feed intake and daily gain decrease with the increase of threonine level, that is, too much or too little threonine will reduce feed intake and daily gain. 3. Immune function. Threonine deficiency can inhibit the production of immunoglobulin and t. B lymphocytes, and then affect immune function. 4. Regulate fat metabolism. Adding threonine to animal diet has a significant effect on body fat metabolism. It can promote phosphorus synthesis and fatty acid oxidation.


1. Mainly used as nutritional supplement. Co heating with glucose is easy to produce coke flavor and chocolate flavor, which can increase flavor. It can also be used in biochemical research. 2. Threonine is an essential amino acid as a feed nutritional fortifier. Threonine is often added to the feed of juvenile piglets and poultry. It is the second limiting amino acid of pig feed and the third limiting amino acid of poultry feed. It is added to the feed mainly composed of wheat, barley and other grains. 3. Nutritional additives are also used to prepare amino acid infusion and comprehensive amino acid preparations. 4. It is used for adjuvant treatment of peptic ulcer. It can also treat anemia, angina pectoris, arteritis, cardiac insufficiency and other cardiovascular diseases.

CAS 72-19-5
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