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Choline Chloride

Choline chloride is a white hygroscopic crystal, tasteless and fishy. The pH of 10% aqueous solution is 5-6 and is unstable in alkaline solution. Choline chloride is easily soluble in water and ethanol, but insoluble in ether, petroleum ether, benzene and carbon disulfide.
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ISO9001/14001/18001, Purity 99%

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Choline chloride, also known as egg enhancer and vitamin B4, is the most widely used choline supplement in the feed industry. In the mouth of many feed people, choline chloride is often referred to as "choline". Choline (scientific name: hydroxide) β- Hydroxyethyl trimethylamine) is one of the indispensable basic components in animals. Animals can synthesize choline in the liver when protein is sufficient. Feed raw materials also contain a certain amount of natural choline, but these amounts can not meet the needs of rapid growth of animals, so choline must be added manually.


1. Choline is one of the components of cell membrane. 2. As a precursor of acetylcholine, it has the function of transmitting nerve signals. 3. It can participate in the process of fat metabolism and transportation, promote fat decomposition and prevent the formation of fatty liver. 4. Choline is a necessary substance for the production of lecithin, which can accelerate the growth of livestock and poultry and improve the egg laying rate and hatching rate. 5. As a donor of methyl, it can promote the re formation of amino acids. Improve the utilization of amino acids.


Tissue culture medium, feed additive, clinically used as anti fatty liver agent. Choline chloride can effectively prevent and treat fat deposition and tissue degeneration in livestock and poultry organs. It can promote the absorption and synthesis of amino acids. It can enhance the physique and disease resistance of livestock and poultry, promote growth and development, and improve the egg laying rate of poultry. Dosage: 1-2g / kg. It is an effective nutritional supplement and fat removing agent

Egg enhancer
Choline Chloride pure
CAS 67-48-1
Choline Chloride
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